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Wendy Williams Says Natural Hair “Not Formal” — WTF?  May 10, 2008 – 10:42 am
1001 movies you must see before you die This past week, Wendy Williams went in  on Oscar nominee Viola Davis’s new natural hair do. When chatting with her audience, Wendy let them know she wasn’t really feeling Davis’ do and that  the “Room 222″ look was a good choice for the red carpet.

Although we haven’t been able to get our hands on a video of the clip, people are  sounding off on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook about William’s comments. In case you didn’t know,  Room 222 was a show back in the late ’60s and early ’70s about a history class taught by a black man, Pete Dixon, who had a short afro. Still not seeing the connection? The only other character we could find that bore any resemblance to Davis was  a black female actress, who had a shrot curly fro. I have no clue where Williams was going with this reference, but it was kind out of left field.  And while I’m not anti-wig or anti-weave, I think its kind of wrong to throw shade on a black women celebrating her true natural self. 

Either way, I think Davis looked gorgeous on the red carpet and brought remarkable light to how glamorous and versatile natural hair really is.

Source: Thank God I'm Natural

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  • Avatar anumber12 Any pictures of african american curly hair?
    Jun 04, 2008 by anumber12 | Posted in Hair

    I am a an african american 15 year old girl and i have thin hair which is a little shorter than my shoulders. I wanted to know if anyone has pictures of curly hair styles that would fit me. no not afro

    • HeyFirst of all I m 19 and my hair is mega thick but I figure since you have thiner hair this style should give you a lot of body. The first two pics are of me. I put moisturizer in my hair then put it into like 5 to 7 big braids. Sleep overnight or maybe a day if you can and then take them out and get rid of the parts from the braids with your fingers(if you comb/brush away the parts the curls will get all curly and frizzy so don t do that!) My hair …

  • Avatar court4418 Do microring extensions work on in a very natural african- american head of hair?
    Jun 03, 2008 by court4418 | Posted in Hair

    The extensions im referring to are the ones that you can slide on the natural hair with tiny metal rings and then be clamped shut. Ive seen pictures of it done on thin or fine hair and i have very natural kinky hair. i just want to know if i should try it or stick to sew-ins.

    • It ll probably be fine, you ll just have to make sure your hair (real and extensions) are straightened or curled all the time so the weave doesn t look straight and your real hair kinky, lol. As long as you keep a uniform style all over your head, you should probably be fine. That being said, it ll probably be more difficult to deal with if you get it done that way. If you wanna try it, I say go for it, but sticking to the sew-ins is probably safer …

  • Avatar always sick :[ Are Remy Clip-In 14-inch Human Hair Extensions good? Even on very thin African American hair?
    Jun 06, 2009 by always sick :[ | Posted in Hair

    I m fifteen and REALLY want Remy Clip-In 14-inch Human Hair Extensions for my thin hair. I think one pack should be enough since my hair VERY thin. How long do they last? Will I have time to clip them in everyday before school? Do they fall out easily ? How do I wash them? Sorry for all the questions, but I ve never had those kinds of extensions before. If you have any other pictures of people using them besides whats on the website, thank you! Also …

    • I bought the exact same extensions (in black) about a year ago. I think one pack should be enough (I m not positive though, I don t have African American hair) I do have thin hair though and sometimes I thought they were too thick! I m not sure how long they last, but I ve had mine for a year (I m no longer using them though) and they are still soft and silky. Yeah, you ll have to put them in every day. It will be painful if you try to sleep …